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Investment Projects


Midas Spring Water

Midas Spring Water has flowed from its deep subterranean recesses for countless centuries in North Carolina.

The Midas spring and facility are located on the outskirts of Huntersville, North Carolina. Here the spring is protected from development by a county watershed protection program and its adjacent neighbor the Latta Plantation nature reserve. 

Indonesia Lampung Waterfront City

•Development Size: 500 Acres

•Major Plan: Commercial Office Building、Residential Development、Entertainment Park、Yacht Club

Hotel Investment

Hotel and Real Estate Investment in Orlando and Kissimmee

•Capital of Investment: 10 Million US Dollar

Hotel & Golf Resort

Hotel & Golf Resort in Brisbane, Australia

• Hotel and Golf Resort with a flexible choice of Accommodation, 18-Hole Golf Course, Conference and Function Facilities

• Development Size: 200 Acres

Used Car Market

The used car market is an independent distribution company focusing on used famous cars. It has established a world-class automobile trading complex of 120,000 square meters in Shenzhen. The title of “Demonstration Base for Vehicle Enterprises”.

Agricultural Distribution Center

Guangzhou-Foshan-Zhaoqing Economic Corporate Zone

•Development Size: 52.6 Acres

•Major Industries: Agriculture、Leisure Tourism Industry、Modern Logistics、Small Commodity Commerce、Pharmaceutical Manufacture、Food Manufacture Industry、Machinery Equipment Manufacture




  1. 本科学制:英国学习3年。

  2. 硕士学制:英国学习8个月。

  3. 专升本Top Up学制:英国学习8个月。




VCG211289876899 (1).jpg

GloBoths Robotics is focusing on the service robot industry and dedicate to the design, R&D, production and sales of commercial service robots with a mission to use robots to improve the efficiency of human production and living.

GloBoths is owned by Honey Hills and it has independently developed a series of robot products such as Commercial Service Robot Series, Delivery Robot Series, Spray Disinfection Robot Series, Cleaning Robot Series, Security Patrol Robot Series and Robot Chassis etc.

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