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Honey Hill’s global operations include:

  • Commercial Real Estate Investment

  • Convention and Exhibition Center Operations

  • Education Investment

  • Hotel Investment and Property Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Wealth Management

  • AI Artificial Intelligence Robot Investment

Our Services

Investment Projects

Midas Spring Water

Midas Spring Water has flowed from its deep subterranean recesses for countless centuries since 1871 in North Carolina.


Indonesia Lampung Waterfront City

United States

Hotel and Real Estate Investment Project in Orlando and Kissimmee

International Education

International Summer School --- Study Abroad  Opportunities

Headcareer --- E-Learning Career Development Platform

UCBW --- Bachelor and Master Degree in University of Warwick

Italian University Pathway

Angel Fund to Startups

We are passionate about selecting the biggest ideas being developed by the top startups from Israel and beyond, and sharing those opportunities with you.

GloBoths Robotics is focusing on the service robot industry and dedicate to the design, R&D, production and sales of commercial service robots. GloBoths is owned by Honey Hills and it has independently developed a series of robot products such as Commercial Service Robot Series, Delivery Robot Series, Spray Disinfection Robot Series, Cleaning Robot Series, Security Patrol Robot Series and Robot Chassis etc.


Midas Spring Water

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